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Thinking of owning a holiday home?

Thinking of owning a holiday home?

Anyone with a family will know that organising a group holiday is often a logistical and sometimes stressful undertaking. 

There’s deciding where to go, packing bags, getting from one place to another, and accommodation bills. 

Imagine being able to take a holiday and only having to pack the bare essentials, being able to get to your favourite destination with a minimum of fuss and not having to pay a cent for accommodation. 

It is all possible if you buy your own holiday home. 

If you can afford the deposit it’s probably more of a lifestyle investment than anything else and there are ways to get some returns from a holiday property on the Fleurieu, with plenty of well-priced options. 

When choosing your holiday property you have to decide how close to home you want to be. With a family, it's probably best to stick to areas within a short driving distance and that way you’ll also use it more often for weekend breaks. 

And as an added bonus, earning some extra income is definitely a possibility when you're not using the property yourself. 

House prices in regional areas are considerably cheaper than in the city, but lifestyle areas – like ours - within two hours of major cities have had very strong price growth in recent years. If and when you do sell, you will almost certainly be up for capital gains tax, but you will be able to adjust the cost base by adding acquisition and disposal costs such as legal fees, stamp duty and agent's fees. But the costs you can claim pro-rata each year include interest on borrowings, maintenance, inspection visits, renting costs and depreciation costs. 

And, if you've bought wisely - your property will appreciate in value over time. But life is not all about making money, and from a lifestyle perspective, there are attractive reasons to consider investing in a holiday house. 

Having your own place means you have a familiar spot to return to each year, and even through the year for short breaks. 

It cancels out the need to find accommodation every time you feel like getting away. No need to spend hours on the internet searching for places to stay, no booking, no paying deposits and having to chase them up later and no disappointments because your favourite spot is all booked. 

Having a holiday home also cuts packing to the minimum, because once you're set up, you can leave most of it there and that includes gear like boogie boards, kayaks, surfboards and your boat! If owning your own holiday property is something you’ve thought about, we can help you through the process and find the right place for you and your family.