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Spring has Sprung!

Spring has Sprung!

One day it’s wet and blustery, the next its blue-sky perfection – that means one thing – its spring. In the real estate industry, spring more often than not heralds a flurry of activity as home hunters and sellers dust themselves off after a winter in hibernation. And for many would-be buyers and sellers there can be a hesitation as they consider whether or not to be in the market during what’s traditionally a busy part of the real estate cycle. 


While spring is the season of fresh starts, it's not guaranteed to put additional dollars on the price of your home. The fact is, when sellers have waited for spring to list, the number of homes on the market does usually increase, so don’t let spring fever replace common sense. If you want to sell and need to sell now, the season alone will not guarantee an artificially high sales figure. Only improving market conditions can do that. 


The best time to sell is when you are ready, when market conditions favour you as the seller, (more than the buyers) and with a limited number of homes like yours being on the market. The South Coast has the advantage of being appealing all year round – in the cooler months, there’s a rugged beauty and of course in the spring and summer months, the region takes on a whole different atmosphere. 


The key, no matter what time of year you are selling, is to get your property looking at its absolute best. In spring, as a seller, undertake the same research, common sense and vigilance you would at any other time of year and then your sale should come up roses. If the front gardens in your area are proudly displaying an abundance of sold boards, with little “for sale” - or the time it takes for that ‘for sale’ board to turn into “sold” seems to be pretty fast, then the signs are right – get your home on the market – be it spring, summer, autumn or winter. 


Successful selling is of course about the home. The presentation, the price expectations, the marketing all play their part, but if the timing is wrong, it’s likely to be a long struggle. So never focus on times of the year. Focus on the market and your ability to be ready to sell. Of course some homes which have gardens or views as the main feature, will often look great in spring/summer, but this is rarely enough to compensate choosing the wrong time in the market cycle to list. 


So, from the moment you become aware that you are going to be on the move, swing into action and stay on top of things.


- Mark Forde