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How to prepare for a Rental Property Inspection

How to prepare for a rental inspection

At Harcourts South Coast, we have the privilege of managing an extremely large Property Management Portfolio – expertly managed by our professional team of 11 Property Manager’s. A large part of our Property Manager’s day is attending and completing routine property inspections. If you are renting a property yourself, you will find that you are faced with these regular inspections. While, these inspections can sometimes feel like a hassle, there are steps you can take to minimise the stress on you, and make sure the inspection goes smoothly.


Let your Property Manager know as soon as possible if you are unable to attend the inspection

Your Property Manager will do their best to visit at a time that will suit you (generally between 9am and 5pm), but in the event you can’t be present, it is best to let the Property Manager know early so alternative arrangements can be made, such as agreeing to have the property inspected while you’re away.


Make sure the home is clean and tidy

Keeping the home clean and tidy will ensure a positive property report, will make it easier to properly inspect the home, and will show your Property Manager that you are respecting the property. That being said, no one expects the home to look like a display house, and your Property Manager does understand this is your home and that people do live there!


Make sure you report any maintenance issues or accidental damage

By reporting maintenance issues as soon as they occur, your property manager can then attend to them as soon as possible. Accidental damage too should be reported early on so it can be fixed, especially if it causes a health and safety issue. If the damage is something that you will need to fix, your property manager will issue you with a Notice to Remedy, generally giving you until the next inspection to complete.


Take the opportunity to bring up requests or general concerns

If you’re unable to attend the inspection, take the time to send your Property Manager an email beforehand of what you would’ve liked to discuss. If for example you wanted to discuss the possibility of a pet, or the addition of an air conditioner, let the Property Manager know so they can bring this up with the landlord when reporting back to them after the inspection.


Our Property Managers will always try to make these inspections as positive as possible, and value the effort that is taken by our tenants in the upkeep of their homes.


- Mark Forde