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How to find the right property for you in 2017

How to find the right property for you in 2017


We’re now well into a new year, and with a new year comes a brand-new set of goals and priorities. If one of your top priorities this year is finding your brand-new home, here are some tips on where to start.

A change in homes can also herald a change in lifestyle. Those looking at moving on from their quarter-acre paradise might suddenly discover the appeal of an inner-city apartment, while city dwellers might dream of a lifestyle block in the countryside or a villa by the beach. Whatever the change and new horizons you have in mind be prepared to make well-informed decisions as part of your move.


If you’re looking for a completely different lifestyle, make a list of must-haves, versus wants and be prepared to research your new location thoroughly. Chatting to a local sales consultant can help.

If it’s the ‘development potential’ of a property which is your main reason for buying it, check to see what you can and can’t develop before the purchase. Councils limit what and how high you can build, how much and what part of your section can be built on, and activities you plan to do there (such as operating a small home business for example).

Check with your local council about development restrictions before making a purchase.


Urban development - find out how your new neighbourhood might change in the future. New buildings and businesses and even motorways may be part of the area’s plan. Don’t assume a quiet underdeveloped area will stay that way forever.

Ask a knowledgeable sales consultant about possible changes to the local area. A well-informed sales consultant should be across major developments in the planning stages.

Check your new views won’t be built out, or even disappear behind recently planted trees. Ask the local council how they will manage these plantings once they get high enough to block views and even sunlight.

Moving to a new environment can add an exciting new dimension and outlook to your life. But to make the most of your move, it is important to be well prepared for the changes in lifestyle. Your Harcourts professional can advise you on the range of issues involved with such a change to ensure you make the most of your new property.


Harcourts South Coast is the largest and best resourced agency on the Fleurieu. We have a range of properties to match a variety of lifestyle and investment needs and would be happy to help you take advantage of the market conditions throughout the year. 


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