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Buying an Apartment or Unit

Buying an Apartment or Unit

Apartments and units are gaining favour with buyers, with developers in major cities building high rises and apartment blocks left, right and centre.

Here on the South Coast, apartments are favoured for their low maintenance, ‘lock up and leave’ lifestyle and in most cases, proximity to our beaches, shops and eateries.

Here are some other benefits of purchasing an apartment or unit-


  1. With no lawns to mow, no fences to repair, and no gutters to clean, apartments can offer the ideal living arrangements for anyone who enjoys a full social life. Even in the event of an internal maintenance issue, you can often call upon the strata appointed handyman to fix a problem in a unit. This is also particularly appealing if you are planning on using your property as a holiday escape. The benefit of not having to keep up with maintenance and the gardens mean that when you visit to relax, you actually can relax!



  1. Many apartment blocks offer onsite facilities that are only available in more expensive homes. Swimming pools, spa, tennis courts, barbecue facilities etc. are often available, although are shared with other tenants and their visitors.



  1. If you choose to renovate a unit internally – whether to increase the value of the property or for your own taste and enjoyment – you can typically achieve much more on a smaller budget than if you were to renovate a larger home. You might just be able to have that dream bathroom or kitchen!


  1. Living in an apartment or unit complex, can help with a sense of security, especially for people living on their own or the elderly. Most newly built complexes have electronic security gates and doors, whilst older complexes tend to be set back from the road in a secure setting. Also being in close proximity of your neighbours and community can help residents to feel safe.


Whist apartment and unit living may not be for everyone, particularly large families, there are definitely many advantages in considering an apartment or unit for your next home!


- Mark Forde