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A quick guide for preparing for an open home

A quick guide for preparing for an open home

We all know the importance of first impressions, so how your home looks, feels and even smells is crucial when it comes to open homes. When your home is on the market to sell, there is a chance that a potential buyer wants to come and have a look at your house at short notice.


Rather than be caught unprepared, here are some simple and quick tasks you can do around the house before potential buyers arrive that can help your home to shine.

De-clutter by putting away kids’ toys, bathroom toiletries, garden tools and anything else that can easily be removed so buyers can assess the house rather than your personal effects.

Open blinds and curtains to let in natural light and warmth, and turn on lights in rooms if they don’t have the benefit of sunlight.


Take out the rubbish so guests aren’t faced with a full bin (or the smell of one!) as they check out the kitchen or laundry.


Turn on heaters or light a fire if it’s a cold day so people experience your home as a warm and cosy space, and can also easily assess the heating options. If it is a hot day, be sure to have the air conditioner or fans on to make the potential buyers comfortable.


Neutralise odours of family pets or last night’s dinner by burning a scented candle, vacuuming thoroughly, and opening windows to ensure that potential buyers aren’t put off by any unpleasant smells.


Clean the kitchen and bathroom surfaces to show these key areas of your home at their best. Make sure that you include the bathroom mirror.


Carry out a quick check for small repairs needed such as blown lightbulbs, a dripping tap or a squeaky door, and fix them if you can. All of these things can distract from your home’s appeal on a first viewing.


Mow the lawns so that people aren’t distracted by an untidy looking backyard, and so it’s easy to inspect outdoor areas and boundaries.

Trim and weed gardens to ensure they are tidy and will make a good first impression on buyers.


Open gates and unlock doors so that people can move easily around your property.


- Mark Forde