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Making Your Home Warmer in Winter

Making Your Home Warmer in Winter

Heating bills account for one of the largest monthly outgoings in any country where heating is required. Heating costs are also constantly increasing, making having a comfortably heated home a financial impossibility for many people. However, there are a few economical and effective ways in which you can make your house warmer. 

A lot of heat escapes through windows, even if you keep them properly closed. Using heavier curtains will not only help to make a home feel a lot cosier; they also help to stop heat escaping through the windows. They are a good way to prevent much of the draft coming in through the windows and they can make a particularly considerable difference if your house has older, single-glazed windows. The best winter curtains have an insulated layer at the back.

Hot air rises, so most of it escapes through the roof of the building. If your home has an attic above it, then that is the first place you should look when it comes to making your home warmer. You can insulate an attic or loft space quite cheaply using materials such as fibreglass wool. This is placed between the beams in the eaves and it should fit snugly in place, preventing a lot of heat from escaping the building. 

There is no point in heating rooms in the house that you don’t use. Rooms such as guest bedrooms and storage rooms generally don’t need to be heated throughout the winter. Turn the heating off in these rooms and close the doors. Separate these rooms from the rest of the house in order to keep the flow of warm air inside the inhabited areas of the house. Of course, closing off unused rooms can also save you a lot of money on your heating bills. 

Doors and windows are the two prime locations for drafts in any home. This is especially true in homes with older windows and doors. If you have gaps between things like windows and their frames, cold air will get into the home and your heating system will have to work a lot harder to compensate. You can purchase rolls of self-adhesive rubber seals at any hardware store and apply them yourself easily enough. These will help to block any draughty gaps in your windows and doors. 

There is a reason why things like carpets and rugs tend to be more popular in colder climates. They provide an effective layer of insulation over the floor and a more comfortable surface to walk on. The thicker the rug, the more powerful its effect. Wool rugs are particularly effective and they can make a home feel very cosy too. If you don’t have carpets in your home, rugs can make a world of difference. 

- Mark Forde