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Choosing A Family Friendly Place to Call Home

Choosing A Family Friendly Place to Call Home

Many factors influence people’s decisions about where to live. Proximity to work and family, good climate and nearby leisure activities are some reasons why one location can seem better than another. For many the choice revolves around their family. So what are some things that make a place a truly family-friendly area to live in? 

While the dangers of the road are everywhere, some locations are better for children and pets. Good footpaths, proper street lighting, low traffic, quiet cul-de-sacs away from main roads, and areas with speed bumps and a lower speed limit are safety features to look for. 

Day to day life can be made so much easier if there are schools and preschools near to home. Walking to school is a healthy way of getting fresh air and fitness, and it is always good to avoid a busy school run which involves sitting in traffic and spending extra on petrol each day. 

 If there are a good number of educational institutions, there are obviously plenty of families in the area. There may be other neighborhood kids to play with, or families who are keen to carpool together or form a walking school bus. 

Families have changing needs over time, and life always seems to be busy. It is ideal to live near plenty of community services such as hospitals, specialist and medical clinics, emergency centres, child health support facilities, libraries, churches, playgrounds within walking distance, and sports and leisure facilities. 

For larger families or those inclined to be active, choosing a rural area or a suburb with large properties will give the family room to move, play, or enjoy the great outdoors with plenty of summer barbecues. 

A decent section size also allows for a garden, and this can save you money on food, give you something to focus on outside of work, and give the kids another source of fun and amusement. 

Families find nearby shopping centres, fresh food markets or a good range of smaller shops to be a real advantage in a community. They can save people a lot of time and hassle as they won’t need to travel a great distance to source the things that they need. 

If a location has all the amenities you need for your family, a climate you can live with, affordable housing that you like, and you can picture your children growing up there, then you may have found just the place for you. Do your research and spend some time in the area to see if it feels like a good fit, and then start house-hunting. Good luck! Please add your content here.

- Mark Forde