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Finding your property's point of difference

Finding your Property's Point of Difference


Whether you are selling products, a professional service, or even on the hunt for a job – finding and promoting a point of difference is often what separates success and failure. 

In other words, what sets your product apart from others or makes your service superior to those of competitors in a crowded marketplace? Seldom is there an easy answer that doesn’t include competing on price.


The same questions should be addressed when selling property. 

Many of us can’t see the wood for the trees when it comes to our homes. After years of shaping our domestic environment to meet our taste and needs, we’re way too close to be objective!


What’s more, we don’t have in-depth knowledge of other homes on the market – our competitors.


So how can you determine what sets your property apart from others currently on the local market – and how do you leverage the positive differences to achieve a sale?

Often, that’s where an experienced real estate agent can make the difference.


An experienced agent can help identify the one standout feature of your home or the many smaller positive points of difference that set your property apart. They also have the skills and wherewithal to package and market them to make your home stand out to potential buyers.

For example, if your property has traditional character, bring it to the fore rather than trying to cover it up. Many people prefer the look and feel of an older house and vendors should allow the history of the property to shine through when preparing for sale.


In more contemporary homes, open plan living might be your highlight. It’s especially appealing if it goes from indoor to outdoor so outdoor living spaces should not be overlooked, especially in a coastal location such as we enjoy on the South Coast. 

And of course, if you are lucky enough to have views over the coast or over rural land, make sure you are taking full advantage of them by opening the curtains wide and making sure the windows are crystal clear!


- Mark Forde