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A property manager will protect your rental investment

A Property Manager will protect your Rental Investment

Property is one of the best and most solid investments we can ever make and offers a range of long, medium and short term benefits.

These benefits include long term capital growth, increasing rental income as well as a variety of tax benefits.

When you consider these positive spinoffs, it’s interesting to note that not everyone understands the benefits of having a manager to look after their rental property.

Property managers do more than just collect the rent each week or month – anyway, in most cases these days, rent payment is done electronically.

Property managers provide a total package of services from finding and screening tenants, to locating tradesmen for ongoing maintenance and overseeing the landlord-tenant relationship as necessary.

It's important that your property manager is licensed with a good knowledge of the state laws regarding rental properties and a thorough understanding of the legal requirements involved in the rental market.

A good property manager will be a genuine “people person” and have an ability to build strong relationships with landlords and tenants.

Property managers are sometimes called on to negotiate or mediate in certain matters and it’s important they keep on top of all the legislative requirements.

A good property manager is the go-between in the landlord-tenant relationship. Hopefully relations between landlords and tenants stay positive, but if they don’t, that’s where it can be good to have a property manager looking after things.

The property manager supervises the landlord’s investment by screening tenants, carrying out regular inspections, sourcing tradesmen for ongoing maintenance and raising tenant issues with the landlord as necessary.

A property manager will look after your property’s maintenance and upkeep, making sure that small problems are addressed before they become big problems, this helps keep tenants happy and hopefully reliable and helps maintain and increase the value of your property over time.

Having an experienced manager taking care of everything gives landlords – and tenants – a lot of peace of mind.

We have just expanded our expert property management team with a new member, meaning we now have three experienced managers on deck.
Our team has all the expertise required for the best property management service including excellent communication skills, attention to detail and good mediation skills.

At the end of the day, investing in a property manager is an important way of protecting your real estate investment.

If you have or are thinking of investing in one or more rental properties, our team of professional managers would be happy to advise you on the best care and management of your assets.

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